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HPE Technology and Solutions Summit (HPE TSS) is a knowledge transfer event targeting Presales Consultants and Solution Architects from both HPE and Partners, covering the full breadth of HPE's product and solution offerings.

At HPE TSS you will understand how the HPE Transformation Solutions together power the Intelligent Edge, make Hybrid IT simple and ensure the right services are in place.

This training initiative started in 2006 with the intention to train the technical Presales community in EMEA on product developments and roadmap updates under non-disclosure, to give strategic insights and allow them to practice and apply their knowledge.

Today, the HPE TSS has become one of the most renowned and biggest technology events within HPE.

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With seismic shifts taking place in IT, the future will always belong to companies that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

The HPE TSS offers you a wide variety of learning opportunities.

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For registration specific questions:

HPE Partners: Vladimira Jisova
Tel: +420 724 159 169
E-mail: Enterprise.Technology_summit@hpe.com

HPE Sponsors: Sophie Francois
Tel: +33 621 451 506
E-mail: sfrancois@hpe.com

HPE Delegates: Sarka Rozkydalkova
Tel: +420 720 226 887
E-mail: sarka.rozkydalkova@hpe.com

HPE Speakers: Agnes-Julie Lefevre
Tel: +33 646 61 37 28
E-mail: agnes.lefevre@hpe.com

Technology and Solutions Summit (HPE TSS)

The Hague 19-23 March 2018